So many of you know I'm tossing around the idea of ditching my Volvo XC70 for something fun and cheap. A subcompact, if you will. I've been leaning heavy on the Mazda 2 but another Opponaut, PDTHEDEUCE, and I were having a chat on this subject last night and it made me remember a few other cars. Most cars in this category seem to be pretty evenly matched, low 100 Horsepower and FWD with great gas mileage figures.

So here are the contenders and the cars that I'd like to hear some opinions on.

At the top of the list and being my favorite to look at at least, the Mazda 2:

30-40 MPG, 100 HP with a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine. I'm told it has superb handling and a few simple mods, like a torsion bar, make this car extremely fun to drive.

The Toyota Yaris:


Not my favorite of the batch but 30-37MPG with 106 horses to the front wheels. Plus my girlfriends father works for Toyota and could probably get me a good deal on one. I'm worried that it'd be numb in the handling department like most Toyotas are though and having a slow and numb car is a turn off.

Chevy Sonic:


I don't know anything about the Sonic other than that Advanced Auto and Napa use them to move parts around. It's aesthetically pleasing, maybe more so than the Mazda. I did sit in a Spark though and have ZERO interest in doing that again, so if the Sonic is similar to the Spark that'll be a no go.

Honda Fit


27/33 MPGs which is probably the lowest MPG rating of the subcompacts (though is this really a subcompact? It's kinda priced in the same range so it makes the list). 1.5 litre 4 cylinder with 117horsepowers of fury. I'm not a big fan of the styling though.

Ford Fiesta:


I don't like the front end of this car, immediately. 120 horses from a 1.6 litre engine. This is one that a test drive will make or break but I am not a fan of the way this model looks. (*Note - I love the way the ST looks but that's considerably more expensive)

Mitsubishi Mirage


No. 79 horses from a 1.2 litre 3 cylinder engine. No thanks. Should've stuck the MIVEC 4 cylinder in there and had this car make 130 horses instead.

*Note- my grandmother had a Versa for a couple of years before she passed. I did not like it so I won't put it on my list. Scion doesn't make the list as nothing they offer now interests me at all. I'm in the USA so those cool French hatchbacks aren't possible since we're too communist to have cool cheap cars. Or maybe the french are too communist to let us have them? The Fiat doesn't make the list since....idk I just don't care much for it. It's probably fun but I just don't like the styling.

What say you of the cars I've listed here, Oppo?