Apparently, I’m just a big snowflake, but those libtards in Sacramento have things covered, and soon it will be impossible for businesses to operate in California if it’s over 80 degrees.

CalOSHA is currently working on new regulations set to go into effect in 2019. Employers will be required to implement engineering and/or administrative controls when the heat index rises above 90 degrees, or when the employees have to wear clothing that prohibits the expulsion of heat from the body, 80 degrees.

Engineering controls include, but are not limited to isolation of employees from sources of heat, air conditioning, cooling fans, local exhaust ventilation, shielding, and insulation of hot surfaces.

Administration controls, where engineering controls are not feasible or do not reduce the temperature or heat index include, but are not limited to: acclimating employees, rotating employees, scheduling work earlier or later in the day, using work/rest schedules, reducing work intensity or speed, changing required work clothing, and using relief workers.

But what would all this mean in my current situation? Well, for starters, the shop can have proper ventilation, just like the shops next to me. Currently, my shop has no exhaust fan in the ceiling, but my neighbors do. Their shops are not only noticeably cooler than mine, but I can also breathe in them, even when they’re running cars. I’ve worked at previous shops that provided swamp coolers for the workers. I’ve had shops with AC in the offices where employees can rest when it gets too hot. And I’ve worked for places that just care.


In my post yesterday there some that suggested I was basically being a whiny employee who went crying to the state agency. Well, the state seems to disagree with you. And many other commenters did too. It’s entirely possible to work in an emissions testing facility without having to constantly use a respirator. I’ve done it before. And I’ve worked in shops where there wasn’t a real risk of heat stroke.

But for those of you in California, you better be prepared come next year. I know, you can’t wait until that business hating Governor Moonbeam is out of office!

And for those of you who offered me the sage advice to get help from ImmoralMinority, he was on top of things and contacted me, and he’s taking care of things. And I just want to thank him, and the rest of you who have put up with my bitching and have given me advice not only on how to handle my shitty boss but advice on finding a new job.