Another insane hypothetical scenario from the car gods:

You are suddenly required to drive 100 miles per day, 5 days per week. You can drive as much or as little as you’d like on weekends.

You pick a country, and you are given access to every car said country’s marques have ever produced, for free. The cars don’t break down and have infinite gas. They are magically certified for import in whatever country you live in. They can be made LHD or RHD with 0 side effects if that’s necessary for where you live.

You may only drive anything that has a 0-60mph/0-100kmh time of less than 4 seconds on weekends, however.

So, do you do your commute in a classic Mustang and go nuts in your Saleen S7 on weekends?

Enjoy your M3 Mon-Fri and then Porsche 918 it up Sat-Sun?

R32 Skyline for work and R35 for Tokyo Drift time at the track on weekends?

Enjoy the comfort of a Land Rover and then the sweet bliss of a TVR that will never break?


Be the most interesting person on Earth with a DS to work and a Veyron on weekends? (Or maybe a Venturi Atlantique? Not sure how fast those are)

XC90 and an Agera?

Some…other country? Heh, Gilette Vertigo or Spyker C8 every day? (I think the older ones are 4+ seconds for 0-60, I could be wrong)


Let’s hear it Oppo!