If you didn't have it before, it's new to you.

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I bought a thing. This is my 10th of similar things, but this thing is different.

When I was in college in Massachusetts, I used to mountain bike Lynn Woods and Carlisle 2-3 times a week. I was on an older, but solid bike, my best friend had a 2001 Trek 6700 with 27!!! gears. It was the bleeding edge of what poor college students could afford, and afford to destroy and fix. Which we did. A lot.



I was perusing the local listings and one came up that was clean and obviously stored inside when not being ridden. Still shod in original tires that had tread told me this bike was not well-used and needed to be freed.

As I am very familiar with the bike from when Dave rode his, I struck the deal, honestly for about half of what i could have paid in other towns for the bike.

It’s a little short for me, but I’m debating whether I hold onto it for my growing boys, or clean it, sell it to someone who will use it, and then hunt the next deal.


Still, I’m pretty stoked over it, and how clean it is for the price I paid.

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