I sincerely ask for any input from all who live there or who have lived there. There is a very very very good chance I will be moving down to the Memphis area... I'm not asking 'should I move there' rather, enlighten me on some of the pros and cons of this area if I may ask. I don't really know anything and I could be a resident in that lovely state within the next 2-5 months.

This will be the biggest move I have ever done in my life. The second biggest was going from VA to MI, then MI to NJ.

I am kind of excited, as my dream state to live in is Alabama, and now there is a very good shot of living close to that! But I am trying to get it through my head all the things I take for granted up here in the NYNJPA tristate. I have no doubt in my mind I can adapt to life down there, but I'm just curious what are the things I may not know about.

Also, ive heard Memphis is a pretty high on the crime. Now I have two reactions to that. One being surprised, and two being I live within an hour or so of Newark, Patterson, Camden, Jersey city, and NYC... So putting that into perspective, Memphis already seems safer.

My only other concern is extreme weather. I suppose its reasonable to be afraid of tornadoes. Living in the NE I never feel we have extreme weather (except for that time my car was flooded and totaled thanks to sandy). But hail worries me, as I would go crazy if my car were to take on severe hail damage.


Besides those, what about weird car laws? Anything odd there?

I may be posting this again later in the week in hopes to hear from other Tennessee residents, but I figure I need to ask now considering how quickly this could be happening.

Thanks in advance!