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If you don't know what you're doing...

...get out from under the hood!

Just fixed a car for one of my wife’s friends. She was having intermittent issues with the vehicle not starting so she brought it over for me to look at. (side rant- people need to give better descriptions of symptoms! “it won’t start but it feels like it wants to” is worthless info! A better description would be “it cranks real slow 2 or 3 times, then just clicks.” End rant)

A quick check of the system revealed a massive voltage drop between the battery and starter. seeing new, clean terminal ends on the battery, i go down to the starter and find a lot of corrosion on the cable. i take it apart quick and clean it and reassemble. try cranking engine and no better. I figure i’ll have a look at the cables under those new terminal ends (thinking they may be corroded). I touch the negative and the cable falls out. the positive does the same thing. The terminals are much too large for this gauge wire. I swap them for two properly size ones I had lying around and retest. the thing cranks over nice and fast and starts right up. turns out her boyfriend installed those one day because the old ones “didn’t look good.” She’s been stranded 3 times since then thanks to him.


Why is it people think they can fix cars, even though they have no experience, knowledge or training? Don’t they realize someone could be injured or worse because of an improper repair?

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