If You Don't Like Opinions, We Created A Site For You

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This idea that writers shouldn't have opinions is laughable. What's the point of writers, then, other than to regurgitate press releases? That makes them, essentially, stenographers.


I'm a professional automotive journalist of some minor standing, so trust me when I say I'd never hire anyone without an opinion. We all talk and think and eat and drive cars all day long and it would be shortchanging the reader to not translate this experience and insight into something valuable.


Note, a bias is different from an opinion, although I'm fine with a bias so long as it's disclosed. We all have a bias towards the Miata and I'd argue that's entirely obvious to anyone who reads more than three stories on this site, however, I'd also argue our review of the latest Miata is entirely fair.


If you do want to read something without any opinion, I suppose you could read the Releases site we created, which is full of information straight from the automaker. However, that information also has the opinion of the automaker in it.

Ultimately, if you want no opinions, all you'll be able to read is a spec sheet.

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