2008 Dakota Laramie with only 59000 miles.

So you may recall a certain post by me a few weeks ago by me about an old dude who hit my wife’s car. Well my luck of bad Missouri drivers continues.

Cattle guards do quite the number on doors.

Last Wednesday I met my wife at a local watering hole for our weekly bar trivia, where we always lose because we’re not that pop-culture smart. Anyway, we do it responsibly; we alternate weeks on who gets to drink and who is driving. Unfortunately the idiot who hit my truck didn’t play by the same rules.

I don’t think it’ll buff out.

This was initially a hit and run. He hit my truck, which pushed me into another car, and then took off. He only made it 3 blocks though before he hit 2 more parked cars as well as a moving police car. Thankfully there were no injuries among the sober. The drunk guy bashed up his face pretty good I guess because his airbag deployed when he hit my truck and therefore didn’t have an airbag there to deploy when he hit the cop car head on. Think he learns his lesson? Probably not.

Turns out the guy is from out of town and is was a construction worker in town working on an expansion at the company where I work. He was driving a company truck. He’s now unemployed and facing multiple hit and runs, resisting arrest, operating while intoxicated, and assaulting an officer (he took a swing at one). Likely some other charges too.


Waiting on the final word from insurance but the body shop said it’s likely going to be totaled. I like having a truck for when I need to run to Home Depot to get something for the house, or make a run to the dump. But other than that I don’t have a real need for a truck. So I really don’t want/need a full size. So I’ve settled on getting a 2017 Canyon Denali. My wife works for a company that also owns a few dealerships so we’ll get employee pricing. They have a Canyon Denali coming in next week. So I’ll be sure to post again once I get to show it off.

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