I got 99 problems but a declined patch ain’t one

All kidding aside though; maybe I’m biased because my job is ensuring my software gets regular updates on every machine I manage (currently 3407 across the Us - small fry by Microsoft’s standards but still), but there is no reason why your personal computer shouldn’t be receiving automatic updates and security patches. If you’re running 7 [edited] or newer then you’re still under Microsoft’s support lifecycle. They push those updates for a good goddamn reason, folks. It’s not to meet a quota or to needlessly reboot your computer. It’s to keep your shit safe and keep it running as best as they can.

If your computer is still in lifecycle, and you turned off automatic updates, you have nobody to blame but yourself if you fall victim to an attack; particularly one that had its vulnerability patched months ago.

There are thousands upon thousands of people furiously blasting out rapidfire code to try and gain access to your shit. You need all the help you can get to keep these fuckwits at bay. Turn on your god damned updates.