If you guys like home grown, mod friendly and community driven racing games...

...then boy, do I have a game for you.

It’s called Reckless Driver. A game that started as a small Unity engine game back in 2009, and has since grown into a community driven and fully modifyable game that takes inspiration from 90's and early 00's driving games like the Midtown Madness games.


I came across it when it’s creator posted it to IGCD, and soon members from the site began creating their own mods for it.

I thought I’d share it with you guys, especially if any of you are into modding video games like this.


You can find the game here, where you can download it for free. The game’s IGCD page is here, and the game even has a forum where some models have already been shared, some have already been offered for download to the game.

And, of course, there’s the gameplay video above.

I’m mainly sharing this because I believe this is a great project that deserves to get some exposure to the gaming and car enthusiast community, and I wanted to do something to give the game’s creator a helping hand. Enjoy!

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