We all love QOTD. It’s a little problem we all get to solve together.


In the shower just before, I was thinking to myself - What I would ask if tasked with a Question Of The Day for Jalopnik?

So here is my Alternative Question Of The Day!

If you had 1000 horse power to divide up for you dream garage, how would you do it?

Here’s how I’d break it down:


C63 AMG Wagon ~ 451 HP

For fancy hauling with mild-ish sleeper looks. Plenty fast.


Forester STi ~ 320 HP

For less fancy daily hauling. Kids, my dogs etc etc

Running Total: 771 HP


NA MX5 1.6 ~ 116 HP


Running Total: 887 HP


BMW K75S ~ 73 HP

Terrific semi-classic sport tourer - they go forever and the triple makes a wonderfully musical noise.

Running total: 960 HP


Suzuki DRZ400 SM ~ 40 HP

THE commuter/naughty boy bike

Grand total: 1000 HP!

So Oppo, you’ve got one thousand horses to spend, what say you?