This is my 944. It’s lovely. The engine is smooth, the body and chassis are straight, and the the interior is pretty okay. But lately I have been thinking about what I would do with it if I had an unlimited budget. Sure, taking care of everything that’s imperfect would be right up there, and getting suspension and brakes sorted would be right there.

But, my pipe dream is to emulate the 951 race cars I’ve seen in the PCA events, and do a crazy wide body and wing setup. Hell, even if I convinced the RWB guys to take a look over my car, that would be perfect. That and I still do dream of going forced induction. The practical Porsche deserves the love it gets, but bringing it forward in time a bit with modern electrics and modern materials would be a project that I could really see myself getting behind.

So, what would you do with an unlimited budget for your current car? And no cheating, it has to be a car you own right now.