Zoidberg indirectly got me thinking about this question. It’s a tough one to answer these days. I can think of tons of used cars that I would like to have, but very few new ones that I would both like to own and can actually afford. So Oppo, if you had to buy a brand new car today, what would you buy?

Assume your dd was wrecked or stolen and you are unharmed. The insurance payout was enough to put 3k in your pocket. From there it’s your personal budget/what you would be willing to spend. You can finance if you’d like but 72 months max. Also this is the internet so if you have to fudge it a little bit...I ain’t care. You have to be in a new car today, so no ordering/saving up etc...


For me it would be a WRX STi limited. I’m a homeowner and thus need at least some money laying around in case something happens. So I would put the 3k down and finance the rest. I’d be fine with a standard STi too, but I much prefer the lip spoiler. Mine would be white black or grey which is the opposite of colors that I would normally choose. The reason being that the STi (particularly with the wing) has wild lines, so I prefer a toned down color.

So Oppo, what vehicle are you buying in this scenario?

Also happy Friday!

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