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If you had to buy a new DD what would it be?

Simple enough question. If your main (or only) car had to be replaced today. What would you replace it with?

Everything in your life is the same (no dead uncle’s or lottery winnings) but for some reason your car is gone (pterodactyls?) and you have to replace it what do you buy?

I have narrowed my choices down to 3 vehicles. It would probably come down to which ever I could get for the cheapest.


Ram SRT-10, as much as I dislike full size manual trucks. I can make an exception here.


C4 Zr1, it would probably have to be one of the 385HP one’s the later 405HP one’s are a little too expensive.


W211 E63 AMG, I think I have enough equity built up in my house to refinance it for any repairs that may come up.

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