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If You Had To Choose: Japanese Kei Cars

If you had to choose one new Japanese Kei car to use as a daily driver, what would you choose and why?

Two rules.

1. It has to fit within Japanese regulations for Kei classification.

2. It has to be able to be bought brand new from a new car dealer, so no zero/extremely low mileage 'stowed away' older model finds.


I'm sure many of you would go for the obvious choice with Daihatsu's reborn Copen, and I wouldn't blame you. It's a tiny little roadster that makes the Miata look big.

Personally, my choice for a logical daily driver would be a bit different.

If I had to choose, it would be between...

- ...Daihatsu's Mira Cocoa, because screw the whole 'chick car' stigma, I like it, and it's available in two tone and AWD...


- ...and Suzuki's new Hustler, which is kinda like a more SUV-like cousin to the Cocoa, also offered with AWD and it's also two-tone (3 if you count the gray trim at the bottom).

So, what would your choice be?

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