If you had to choose just one brand...

Let’s say that, hypothetically speaking, you could only drive one brand of vehicle for the rest of your life. What vehicle maker would you ultimately choose?

Here are my informal rules (feel free to break them if you choose, I suppose):

  • The vehicles have to be sold specifically under that marque. No badge-engineered choices or subsidiaries (meaning, if you pick VW, you don’t get all the other brands they own).
  • They can be any vehicles: cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, tractors, airplanes, boats, jet skis, nuclear-powered unicycles, etc...as long as they are from your chosen builder.
  • Money is not an issue. We’ll imagine that you just have free rein of the entire fleet.
  • Post an example of what you would likely use as your daily driver from your chosen brand.

Hopefully we get some good variety here. I’d hate if everyone just unanimously picked Alvis or Tatra...

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