Lets face it, if you could own any car, but have to drive it everywhere that you need to go, including some places that have dirt, you are not choosing the Koenigsegg Agera. So, what vehicle would you choose to get yourself around for the rest of your life?

Think wisely here. Having a car suited for the nurburgring might be fun, but only until you start aging and every bump knocks off a day of your life. You should get something timeless, because you don't want the vehicle to go out of style in the years that you are driving it. Make sure that it is reliable, so that you aren't dropping a lot of part money into it to keep it going. Finally, make sure that it is fun, and sutied for your driving environment. So, what do you think?

Here is my choice as an example:



I chose a 1988 Ford ranger, 4.0 5 speed 4x4 with a wee bit of a lift. Maybe with the axels locked and with some warn rims. I would also add a winch and some fun accessories. It would be able to get me to and fro any place that I would need to go. The truck isn't horrible on mileage, and everything lasts a super long time. It could haul projects and more stuff that could be necessary.

So what do you think could get you around. Mine is pretty cheap, but what about yours?

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