If you had to Replace Your DD Today?

If you had to/could replace your DD today with something else what would it be. This has to be a realistic option. I mean sure pie in the sky I’d buy a Golf R in Mars Red, but in reality I can’t afford a 700 dollar a month car payment. And I don’t want a 6 year auto loan anyway.

what a fabulous looking car.


My wants

Manual, AWD/RWD, FUN, hatch or wagon. my e90 is a good 3 out of 4.

My Needs

Able to pay off in 4 years which means something under 15k.

space for 4-5 people and cargo, but not necessarily at the same time.


Decent in snow.

My E90 is such a great blending of my wants and needs,AND the all powerful budget. I would love for my next car to offer better fuel economy, and easy access to cargo space.

Finding the car i need that I also want MORE and my e90 is just about impossible.

If i had to replace my e90 today I think my most likely option besides another one would be. I don’t know. Nothing fits. WRX is the mostly obvious but I dont trust them. Everything else is FWD or too expensive.


hang on I found a wildcard.you have to make a sacrifice somewhere. I’ll take mine on the reliability side.


hot damn

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