Well this impressed me, for being a gas guzzler. I filled up a new tank, reset, got on a local congested road (avg mpg was in the teens around here), then merged onto the freeway to drive almost 30 miles just to see what I would get for highway alone. Traveling at 75 mph most of the time and sometimes a medium distance behind cars. I get pretty much the same readout on my mpg (vacuum) gauge at 55 mph and 75 mph, provided it’s not too windy out. Peak torque is at 2750 rpm, which is about 75 mph. I read on the forums that 70-75 mph is a sweet spot for these cars in terms of efficiency and speed. Range was showing 447 miles LOL. Can’t wait to go on a road trip in this. City (more urban) is terrible though, I average around 16-17 mpg then, sometimes down to 15 during winter. Car is an ‘09 328i xDrive (3.0l straight-6 230 hp w/AWD)

Speaking strictly on fuel economy, I wouldn’t recommend the typical SUVs or vans due to their larger surface area, resulting in more air resistance when going with the flow of traffic on the freeway (~70-80 mph). MPGs tank in SUVs at higher speeds, as I’ve witnessed before in our CRV. But if comfort and/or utility is your thing, go for it.