I'm assuming most of your saw the article on the FP about Mary Barra, the CEO of GM being "paid less" than a man. You know, she's been CEO for 5 minutes, and he was CEO and chairman for what, 4 years? Obviously the fact that they don't get "equal" pay is because GM hates women.

(Pictures make everything better)


Because curiosity got the best of me, and because I KNEW this story would be written about on another certain site, I went to one of the two places we on oppositelock always try to avoid.

I speak of course, about Jezebel

*cue dramatic music*


Besides the fact that this article sounds like it was written by someone working on a macbook at a starbucks (because whats the point of writing if nobody else can see), I love how its written in that "Men are pigs" tone thats made Jezebel a favorite among the feminists.


This sums it up perfect

Did you, like a lot of other people, think it was a perhaps a huge step forward for women in bridging the gender gap or breaking through the glass ceiling or leaning in or whatever? Well, sexism says NOT SO FAST LOL.

Right, this is clearly a cold cut case of sexism, not prior business experience + the fact that Dan Akerson held two positions at GM.


Can we start a petition on we the people to break Jalopnik and its community out of Gawker? It would solve so many issues.