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When you’re driving in a Chevy and you feel something heavy, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].


When you’re working on a Ford and someone screams, “OH LAWD!!” [Diarrhea...diarrhea].

When you changed your engine oil but your underpants are soiled,[Diarrhea...diarrhea].


When the freshener is a waste because it’s stink that you can taste, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].

When that jiggle in your Honda hits the mat as hard as Rhonda, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].


When your Lincoln is in park but your butt just left a Mark, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].

When your Uber pulls around and the seats are green and brown,[Diarrhea...diarrhea].


When you feel the engine sputter but it’s really booty butter, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].

When you just got out a Hyundai and find a chocolate sundae, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].


When you jump out of a Jaaag and your pants start to saaag, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].

Every place is closed for miles but you’re open at your bowels, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].


When you’re polishing your grille and you feel that doodoo spill, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].

When you think your car is clean until that tingle hits your spleen, [Diarrhea...diarrhea].


When you open up your hatch and you need to light a match, [Diarrhea...dia-ok I’ll stop now].

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