If you like green cars so much, why don't you own one?

I have two cars an E92 328i and an E90 M3, in Titanium Silver Metallic and Space Grey Metallic, respectively. Obvisoubly neither of these cars are green, why? Well, lets start with the M3 because that’s the easier one to explain.

When I was buying my M3 I knew I at least wanted an LCI model; without getting into too many details the LCI has a number of improvements over the 2008 model. Despite this, the color choices for both pre-LCI and LCI cars were almost identical with the one exception of Space Grey Metallic replacing Sparkling Graphite Metallic during the E90 LCI. Which means your choice of colors was limited to:


A green is not among the choices. Since I was still in college when E90 production ended, I wasn’t ever able to go to BMW and whisper “BMW Individual” to get an E90 M3 in any shade of green I wanted. Hence why I don’t have a green E90 M3.

Now the 3 series is a little trickier.

So you could get a shade of green on the E92 2007 and 2008:


Likewise, after the E90 LCI, in 2009, you could get a green, Tasman Green Metallic for 2009 and 2010:


However, after the E92 LCI, in 2011, green was removed from the options list.


Let’s go ahead and get Tasman Green out of the way. While a Tasman Green E92 may exist in theory, I don’t ever recall either seeing one in person or for sale. I’m sure they’re out there, but they have to be out there in minuscule numbers, so good luck finding one.

As far as Deep Green, I’ve seen some in person and some for sale, but you couldn’t get it after 2008 and I wasn’t putting up with CCC idrive to have a green car. Plus green wasn’t the most popular color, so the number of manual green E92s out there is, once again, very limited. Additionally, you couldn’t get an M-Sport until 2009, a year after you could get a Deep Green E92.


So basically, I couldn’t get a green E90 and I couldn’t find a Deep Green E92, so I’m driving boring color BMWs.

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