For simplicity Im going to be talking about suspension systems where all wheels are independant from one another.

Its also somewhat implied that the vehicle is on either coilovers or has some sports/race suspension bits on it.

Sway bars also known as anti-roll bars are essentially torsion bars thak connect the left and right suspension to each other. They control the overall bodyroll as one wheel is compressed it acts against the opposing sides spring (Which wants to push that side of the car as high as possible.) by pushing it back up however much the other sides compression has offset. When its function is in effect it bends allowing for independant movement of each side, but itll still be transfering force so independance is limited. All of this keeps the center of gravity low, Keeps the weight and thus contact patch differences on each tire to a minimum, and gives drivers more confidence as the car dosent sway leading to more predictable responses.


But its not all daiseys and rainbows swaybars have some downsides. First and foremost they keep suspensions from doing what their good at, following the contours of the road. When one sides loaded up and the other needs to fall into a dip it cant react as swiftly or in some cases at all, this leads to the tire momentairly losing a portion of its grip due to very little weight being on the tire. Secondly it can produce disturbances where one wheel encounters a bump and it forces the other side to experiance some of the bumps force aswell, this causes disturbances and can lead to a loss of control. Eventually itll reach a point where it is only a detriment to the unloaded sides wheel reaching the asphalt, and this point can approach sooner if the surface is imperfect, which they always are. There are certainly nessesary part to selling cars for mass consumption because peaple want it to feel like a plush go cart not a barge aswell as the fact that if a car wanted to spin out at the limit many many many peaple would.(mr2, s2000) So for a manufacturer its the only reasonable thing to do because after all understeer is alot less frightning to the unprepared as oversteer.

So you’ve gotten bored of your cars limit because at this point your just taking It to that on/off switch. Removing the swaybars or just one of them, can definately change the experiance (not always for the best depends on the suspension setup) you’ll immediately notice how the car dives and dips, although unsettling to drive at first it begins to feel alive allowing you to push it in different ways and offering up a large reward for hitting a corner just right. For the track sway bars offer large benefits but when the surface is imperfect their problems gleam, and thats when not having them can actually increase your speed. Plus at the end of the he day most of us dont track our cars but we do explore them on backroads, wouldnt you want to master the full potential of your car? Or in the least learn more about car control.


Im not completely talking out of my ass here Ive removed the swaybars on my personal car for a period of time, although it was originally out of necessity its now only running a front bar.

No this is not my car