I found this little curio in a big box of VHS/Beta tapes (ranging from 1977-2007!) in the basement. It came with the 3 series my mom had for a couple years in the early '00s after she got rid of her infamous Sienna (which died spectacularly after 3 weeks of ownership) and before she got her equally infamous X5. Frankly, I barely remember this car. I mean, I remember it, but I don't have the same sort of memories that I do of the Sienna or the X5. None of my major car-related memories of my childhood happened around in that car. My first hospital trip was in the Sienna; my friends and I left our first winning flag-football game in my dad's 750; the first car I remember being in was my grandfather's '90s E-class, etc. But, for whatever reason, we held onto the instructional VHS. Negligence, I bet.

As far as content goes, it's...well it's an instructional video. A nondescript lady with a snoozy voice points out the features of your Jet-Set Jetta, with some stock footage of the car doing what most (new) BMW drivers don't do: driving fast on generic twisty roads. It's not very interesting. I doubt this was watched more than once. If I were shopping for a new luxury car in 2002, this probably wouldn't have swayed me. Now those old promo films, otoh...

If anyone with an e46 wants to see it, I'd be happy to rip the tape to my computer and put it on the interwebz.

Also, props to anyone who remembers the show on the tape behind it ;)