Richard Hammond helped Rays of Sunshine (the UK analog to Make a Wish) to grant a wish for 8 year old Emilia Palmer to get a ride in a Lamborghini, her favorite car. Rays of Sunshine managed to get a donated Aventador temporarily sprayed pink, Emilia's favorite color, and had Hammond helicoptered in to Herefordshire airport. He then drove to Emilia's house in the Lambo to pick her up for a ride. After a drive around the area they got to do some high speed runs on a closed runway at the airport.

“It was a real privilege to be asked to make a contribution to such an inspiring, positive, unique and uplifting occasion,” Hammond said in a Rays of Sunshine press release. “Emilia was charming and wonderful. There was every chance she could have been shy, but she chatted nonstop. It is truly inspiring how brave people are.”

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