Go get a lifeproof (or equivalent) case immediately. My daughter broke her phone in a spectacular way. She slipped on the stairs and smashed the corner of the phone into the railing trying to catch herself. No worries, she wasn’t hurt, but the phone is toast. The cute case she bought for it did nothing to protect it.

We thought everything would be covered by the insurance we bought with the phone. So, we went down to Verizon and filed a claim. That’s when we were told that we may or may not get a replacement phone. These are on backorder and the third-party insurance company doesn’t know when they might get new ones. We asked for an equivalent phone. They don’t have any of those either. We asked for the local store to give us a replacement from their stock. They told us they weren’t allowed to do that any more. The local store rep finally suggested we talk to the guy next door that does phone repairs.

The guy next door made the classic “this is gonna hurt” face when he saw her phone. Because of the relatively low production numbers and the fragile nature of the wraparound glass, replacement screens are $260 + installation. That’s nearly twice the insurance deductible. Ouch.

When (if) we receive a replacement phone, the first order of business is a bomb-proof bubble-wrap case that is impervious to small nuclear detonations. Yeah, that ought to do it.