Are SUVs a reasonable choice as a family vehicle? Or do their high centers of gravity and therefore poor handling characteristics make them too unsafe? I would argue that in a high speed highway accident-avoidance situation, a wagon would be much more capable of a highway-speed, controlled "swerve" sort of maneuver, or a random tire-blowout situation, whereas a taller CUV/SUV would be much more prone to roll over, or understeer and hit whatever was trying to be avoided in the first place. A lower, lighter wagon would stop more quickly as well, which is nice for not slamming into the back of things. While I'm sure an SUV/CUV would take an impact well, it's increased likelihood of rolling (which can lead to leaving the road entirely) outweighs that in my brain. Am I wrong?

I bring this up because my wife and I are looking to replace her vehicle with something new and family friendly. We have a toddler and a baby to protect here. So, CUV/SUV or wagon? Also, she doesn't like the way wagons look, so please post sexy wagons along with your responses. GO!!! (thanks!)