Let's say you were me and have a 2010 SHO that's somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3's paid off with 67,000 miles on it. Once it's paid off, or close to being paid off, would you switch to another vehicle? Or should I stick to my original plan and keep this car for as long as I can?

The rational part of me says I should do the latter.

1) I've been planning it all along
2) I've put money into upgrades
3) Financially the most sound decision
4) I like the car a lot still, I look forward to every time I drive it

So all of those, especially #4 are having ME lean in that direction, but what direction would you guys lean? In favor of switching to a new car:

1) It's always fun and exciting to drive something new, it's exciting to hunt for a new car.
2) The down-payment I could come up with get's me into ALL KINDS of interesting cars very afford-ably monthly payment wise.


There is a whole slew of cars I'd consider, it would most definitely be a manual, above all other considerations. ATS, Mustang, SS Manual, XE, Something Ford/Lincoln RWD/Manual if it ever comes out. Some of these cars are obviously more immediately attainable than others. But they could all conceivably be an option in the next 1-4 years.

Again I am leaning toward sticking with the SHO as long as she'll let me, but this is a fun game to play and perhaps you guys have some input I may have overlooked.