If you won the lottery tomorrow, what's the first car you'd buy?

Just curious. I bet we all have that one dream car we'd snap up in a heartbeat. I'm sure we all have a list of dream cars we would love to buy as well. But, for you, what's the car you would like to grab first?

For me, it's...a General Lee replica. I love the Charger itself, and I grew up on Dukes reruns. Most four or five-year-olds watched Barney. Me? I turned it to TNN and watched all the Dukes of Hazzard reruns I could. Yes, I know the show was cheesy and the acting was lame. That didn't matter to childhood me. I loved the General and loved seeing it do those totally unrealistic jumps.


Of course, once I had my General Lee replica, I'd have a Tesla Model S, a Mercedes-Benz SLR AMG, a Buick GSX, etc. But, I digress.

TL;DR What's the first expensive or inexpensive car you'd buy if you suddenly got millions of dollars via the lottery or whatever?

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