I don’t know if anyone else thinks about this regularly, but I do. Maybe it’s just because I get bored when I’ve have the same car for too long.

If your car was totaled today. Let’s say it was smacked by a drunk driver while Street parked(I think this has happened to more than one Oppo.) but now one is injured and your getting a check.

In my case I’d probably try to find something that would leave me with no car payment. I’d have maybe 3-4,000 to play with after paying off the e90


The optimist in me wants my next car to be a Miata. This black NB looks like the next deal I could find.

It’s not the color I want, and its no a NA but with the budget choices are limited. And daily driving it year round would mean the NB’s glass rear window would really come in handy.

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