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I’ve complained in the past about gas stations getting greedy and gouging the shit out of the price of premium gas by $0.80/gal or more over regular. It sucks but it’s everywhere. There is but one shining light in the darkness of evil: Costco!


The Costco near me sticks to a totally reasonable premium upcharge. They’re literally the only place in town that does this. A quick check on GasBuddy shows everywhere else charging anywhere from $2.83 to $3.19 for premium. Fuck that noise.

In fact, just the savings on premium gas pays for the cost of a Costco membership. If you drive 10,000 miles per year and your car gets 25 mpg, at a savings of $0.20/gal (assuming you went to the cheapest non-Costco station) that’s $80 saved right there. If you drive more, or get worse mileage than 25 mpg, or don’t religiously check GasBuddy before filing up, Costco saves even more.


And they have better hot dogs than gas stations too.

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