Tonight my wife handed me two bags of gingerbread cookie mix and told me to make gingerbread men with my 2 year-old son. What is a gingerbread man and why are we obsessed with having our children to eat small people-shaped treats? "Hey son, bite this little man's head off. Mmmm!"

Instead of traumatizing my son with candy cannibalism, I decided to freehand a few well-known vehicles from the cookie dough.

Before being tossed in the 370 degree oven the dough had more detail and clearer lines, but it appears heat takes a toll on vehicle design. I'll blame pedestrian safety standard for all the soft edges.

Care to take a shot at naming the cars in the photo?


And remember many family events, even simple things like holiday baking, can become a fun trip to Jalop Land - you just have to think outside the (cookie) box.