Background: I stopped being much of a sports fan about 10 years ago. We cut the cable about a year ago, so our only TV ads are via Hulu — mostly Fox. I don’t listen to much terrestrial radio. I use the internet a lot, but almost exclusively Jalopnik and any cross-posted Gawker stuff. I work in an office with lots of other people, so we all chat about general news topics, the usual.

I just found out about the Super Bowl YESTERDAY morning (gameday). The wife came back from the grocery store and complained about how crowded it was for a strategic Sunday morning trip — and how very little was on sale!

I’m not bragging, I’m just confused. It seems like in prior years, there’s been a lot more leadup, fanfare, talking about the ads, and general promotion. We live in an era where it’s really hard to be “under a rock,” but apparently it’s still possible.

Further, since Cam Newton was a local superstar here in his college days, I would have expected more from our community.

Was this just a really low-key year to anyone else?