So, this race started out normally. But after a quick 6 0r 7 laps, we experienced rain for the first time. Not only did this confuse us, but we all acted like a bunch of hogs being led to slaughter when it came to the pits. We all were confused and had no idea what was going on until it was too late. At this point we realized that it was indeed raining. Now that we cleared that up, we raced another 7 or so laps before we discovered just how wet the track was and just how important Full Wet tires would be.

After this, it became very apparent when all of the full wets started getting best laps *Carbyne Shadow* and those toward the back began to fall off terribly.

Most everyone stuck to a 3 pit strategy (due to the craziness of the rain). Whereas, I was lucky enough to be testing a new driver at the time and wound up with 5 ridiculous pits (a mix of inconvenient pits with the SuperSofts and rain and not getting the memo to switch to Full Wets)

Carbyne stole the show with best lap times and sector times. Basically untouchable on those wet shoes. Export Eh raced tremendously as well. There were lots of pits right at the end and led to a lot of disappointment for some folks who were holding some coveted podium spots.

Overall, great race but a lot of learning to be had from this one.