Volvo Superlegga & Porsche update. So I missed a ton of deadlines with the project. Some because life happens (small children tend to upset plans). So what’s the new plan? Well the Porsche is being scrapped and parted as we speak. The drive train is being liberated from the chassis. It’s seats, gear cluster, pedal assembly,steering wheel and a few other odds & ends will end up being used in the Volvo.

“What madness is this!? Are you daft Ike!?” I hear you typing. “A Volvo 740 is sacrosanct here on oppo!”

Well let me finish before you get the crucifixion started.


I have a sourced a Nissan V6 from a mad Russian (it’s what everyone calls him), and it will be matted to the Porsche drivetrain, and mounted into the Volvo. So I will have 200hp V6 Volvo wagon. It’s gonna be kinda awesome.

My hope is to find on Craig’s list,, swap meets or where ever. Brake upgrades, and suspension upgrades as I get the project really going.


What’s the plan once this is all together? It’s gonna be to try and enter every type of amateur race that doesn’t require a racing license. But that’s a story for another time.