I’m heading to Germany today to see my family, much of which lives in the Nuernberg or Munich area. Of course, I’ll be searching for cool nuggets of car culture that could make for good stories. Where should I go?

I usually fly to Germany at least once a year, as my dad works on a military base near Nuernberg, and my mom’s side of the family lives near Munich. Naturally, every time I go, I’m always keeping an eye out for cool car stuff.

There are plenty of high-profile, awesome places in Germany that every car enthusiast has to see, like the Nuerburgring and the major car museums. And while those are awesome, I’d really like to get a closer look at grassroots car culture in Germany— stuff that’s maybe not so obvious to anyone who doesn’t actually live there. Car shows, races, swap meets, a guy named Guenter wrenching on his Trabi— anything like that.

Feel free to hit me with suggestions, and if you live in Bavaria—especially if you need a hand wrenching— haller at me. I’ll wrench into the night in exchange for delicious Rahmschnitzel.