... playing Forza.

The addition of the Gurney Eagle T1G (and its Weslake V12) was a big reason why I wanted to get Forza 6. I would have been happy to fool around in 5 and 4 for a decade but I really wanted the Eagle (and the C7R).


The Eagle holds a special place in my heart and in motorsports history. Dan Gurney piloted it to victory in the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix on the original Spa road circuit, becoming the second of three drivers to ever win a Grand Prix in a car of his own design. It’s also the only American-built car to win a Grand Prix.

Of course I’m sure you all know that a week earlier Gurney was part of the only All-American victory at Le Mans when he joined A.J. Foyt in the Ford GT Mk.IV and absolutely dominated Ferrari. It was Henry Jr.’s last middle finger to Enzo. Gurney also started the tradition of spraying champagne after the win.


Those two weeks must have been something else.

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