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I'll Begrudgingly Buy Forza 7 This Year

The only reason I still have my Xbox 360 is to play Forza 4. To date, I’m still in the top 1% in lap times on many tracks with the smart fortwo. My “smart hayabusa” tune is the most downloaded tune for the car for years running, the same with my dozens of paintjobs too.


Looks like the latest iteration doesn’t have any variant of my little smarts, yet there are 4 Minis and other cars seem to get multiples too. The Renault Twingo is also missing. Yes, I will openly admit to feeling salty too. :P

I wish these racing games had more “normal” cars, you know? I mean, I get it, we drive normal boring cars and racecars are more interesting...But who hasn’t dreamed about putting ALL THE POWER into their lame daily driver and drifting it around some famous circuit? Triton V10 E-Series Ford drifting around Laguna Seca with ladders on the roof and painted like a plumbing van? Or like, winning a race with a crazy powerful Kia Rio or something? SIGN ME UP!

Anyway, I guess I will pick up Forza 7. I do like the oddballs like the Ford Bronco, Jeep Trailcat, and all the Porsches! I haven’t bought a Forza game since the first Horizon and Forza 4, so guess it’s time to get back in!

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