I'll feel better about Sports Activity Coupes, i.e. the reciting hairline of the sport ute world, when they can do what this lightly modified sedan can do.

Look, I don’t like SAC’s OR SUC’s (Sports Activity Coupes/Sport Utility Coupes) so lets get that right out there. I feel like its the kind of stupid hodgepodge you might find under a “custom” search parameter on craigslist, but somehow taken seriously as a fashion statement. Like some kind of high dollar AMC eagle experiment gone accidentally right for the company.

Thats pretty much it really. Just another jab at the SUC’s. I mean I know a crown vic can do part of this too (yes, I’ve seen the video...actually talked to the guy once) and I realize I’ve posted this before...even still, just sit back and be amazed and realize that its going to be a long time before a youtube search for “bmw hells revenge” reveals anything with 4 wheels.


I know there is someone here who is working on a beefed up X5 and bless you for your efforts sir, hope to see you on the trail someday.

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