I just had to take a deep breath and shake my head reading this. Sooo many questions a simple Google search would have helped with. I hope in the years since this driver has become more knowledgeable.

Random pic for your time

Hey, im planning on buying a car soon, i will be working full time so i can get a bank loan for around $22,000. I’ve been tossing around a few ideas, so far I’ve thought about either a Mazda RX8 or a Honda S2000. I will be working and planningo going to school soon. If I need to, i will sell the car for school, but currently I’m more on the idea of a car tbh. Before anyone says it, I have thought about a 350z, but the thing is my roommate is getting one, so i basically already have one haha. (obviously i need my own car though) But im just wondering what everyones opinions are on those cars, and which one is better. Any other ideas would be appreciated aswell, but just not something like a Silvia or Supra. I have thought of them, but where I live, its too costly to have something like that, so, something relatively newer. so far, to compare the S2K and RX8, I have this

RX8: Pros: 4(ish) doors. 4 seats. an actual roof. cheaper. Rotary (drifting).
Cons: Rotary repairing such as seals. not as much power as the S2k.

S2K: Pros: VTEC. Faster. looks better IMO. i believe it is easier to mod then an RX8 (correct if wrong). shift at higher revs (i think)
Cons: convertible. only 2 seats. in a different province (i live in Canada) so i would have to pay for safety and anything else that might be needed to be fixed so its legal, probably not too much tho.

NOTE: the S2K I’m looking at has a CF hood, CF trunk, a bunch of suspension mods, Spoon N1 exhaust, some braking stuff, and a CF spoiler which is useless looks ugly and i would sell it. for $19,500 and 67,000KM. Its also a 2004 so it has a 2.2L engine (but is 100% stock). I have yet to find an RX8 i like so far so I have nothing to point out about that haha.

Also, are the newer RX8’s (2007). is the automatic transmission flappy paddle? or just, auto like a 1993 camry.\

Oh yeah, if anyone suggests anything, it must be either RWD or AWD. (i know i live in Canada, but im used to RWD in winter, so its okay)

Thanks for any help and or reading this far. :P

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