I'll Let Oppo In On My Project :D

I wanted more speed for my Traxxas Slash, so I did my research and found that the Castle SCT is faster than Traxxas brushless system, so for just $100 I gave it ago. Plus you can program it on your PC, with castle link USB cable!


But I didn’t stop there. I been wanting to turn it into a rally cross car, but no one makes the rally body for it anymore. The Traxxas Fiesta body is too expensive and this RC is RWD.

Custom made bumper that I found on a blog (meatballracing)

I zip tied the shocks to make the front lower :P


I found the one of the bodies that I wanted for my project! Slightly used, but still in great condition.

A proline body mount set, careful measuring, and drilling new mounting holes I got the body to fit perfect. I read that if I had the Slash 4x4 the body would fit with no mods, but the 2wd Slash is different.


It is nothing but speed and burn outs! any slightest turn I spin out of control. Super fun, but I’ll put the stock gear set back and will give it another run to see how it does. It makes the brushed motor look pathetic.


I have a low CG chassis coming in and a mount for the ESC. The chassis will make the center of gravity of the car lower so it should handle better. Maybe some rally lights on the hood would look nice too!

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