My parents and their tire purchasing strategy.

So my mom's Vue needs new tires. The two in the front are worn pretty low, the backs have some tread life left, but probably not enough to not justify new tires. Not to mention one has a nail in it that she's been driving on for a while.

My dad says he'll just have the nail removed, even though we've already been told it can't be patched.

So I wonder, why not just get tires on all four corners, instead of two on the front now, and then in a few more months on the rear cause they're finally worn down to my dad's replacement level?


This is their strategy on every car except the truck. Better known as the vehicle with tires that cost like $500 a corner.

In the end he'll probably have to get all four anyway because as been said before by another mechanic, the nail in the rear tire can't be removed.