Illinois Is Fighting To Replace Its Governor. I Ask Each Runner The Same Question:

“This state calls itself protecting transsexuals like myself. However, the experience of myself and others are that the state falls greatly short on its promise. As Governor, how would you make Illinois a safe place for me to call home?”

And provided my question is heard/seen, the answer is generally positive. That’s something I like about Illinois politics, our politics are deeply mired in corruption but it seems that none of our politicians are genuinely evil.

Well, that is until the same question was shot across Jeanne Ives’ bow...

I’ve long considering furthering my political activism...and this ad may be just the thing that pushes me to try to make sure this woman never gets anywhere close to discriminating me. As it is, this state sucks with trans rights, all we need is Ives!


For some car content, here’s an Alfa that I saw in Milwaukee when I was on a date last weekend!

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