This is a good video and not just because his bias aligns with my own

He’s right though. I rode in a new-ish Merc ML recently and it had a lot of fancy stuff. But it’s also so full of wank. And there was a post on here recently about interior buttons that have sensors so you can get away with not quite touching them.

My MR2 has real, simple buttons, and mechanical levers and crap to slide the seats, and large parts of the interior are made out of cheap, light, durable plastic. And it’s fine.

It’s got power windows so I can be a poser with both windows down and it’s got power mirrors so you can dip the passenger side when parking.

But it doesn’t have finnicky rain sensing wipers or indecipherable gesture controls or a confusing media system that’s like my phone but worse and completely out of date.


Call me an idiot who’s completely out of touch but that’s how I likes it dammit. And there’s no good reason why Porsche can’t bring this stuff back - people love old Porsches and Singers too, there’s money to be made in simplicity.