I'm A 1g DSM Owner Again!

(I’ll post more recent photos when I get off the road, these are some I snapped a while back)


It’s about time I’d say. The black and silver 90 TSi you’ve all spotted in my past posts belongs to my childhood best friend Nathan, or used too. I’m proud to announce that the beauty will soon belong to me. It’s been a while since I’ve owned a turbocharged first generation Talon, and I cannot express my excitement enough.

Modifications are tasteful, and it will get exceedingly better from here. Right not the car has the following: (sorry I cannot bullet point as I’m on an iPhone)

Punishment racing 3" exhaust

Punishment racing front mount intercooler with Tial Q blow off valve

DSMlink V3 with 2 step anti lag

FP hard intake

Maintenance has been performed and the car runs a 16G turbo.

I’ll be building up a head here shortly for it with some 280 cams to go with my H1C Holset that’s painted to match my trick Hyundai valve cover.


Many articles and videos are to come! Stay tuned friends!

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