So I have an interesting life. I live in NYC and work in Long Island. I drive to and from work as well as for work from time to time.

But living in Manhattan, as you can imagine, is no place for a nice car. I'm selling my current 2003 QX4 w/ 165k miles this weekend and need something to replace it with. My budget is roughly $5-$7k. Ideally I'd like an RX330 but those are a tad out of my budget currently. I would like to stick with the Asian-Luxury SUV theme for reliability and comfort.

I need an SUV for potholes, snow, visual aide for jaywalkers darting out around cars, as well as light off-roading at fiancee's families weekend house. So yes, that's a "need" and not a "want"

This pains me to ask for help since I am a car guy but I have hope the oppo community can give me some good ideas.