This thing sits and barely gets driven. When I bought it, I worked maybe 40 hours a week. Now I wake up at 5 or 6am and get home at around 6pm. I’m working Saturdays more frequently. Add in everything around the house, social obligations, family, etc., and this car is so far down the list of properties it’s just wrong.

It’s need all this work that I’m 1) not qualified to do, 2) Don’t have time to do, and 3) don’t know if it’s worth paying to get done. This is a 34 year old rusty box. A nicer one mind you, but it is what it is.

Once I got into parts alone — and the cost of the goddamned special tools I don’t own — I’m like, “Christ, may as well just have someone else do it.” Well. My last mechanic was caught embezzling money, and I haven’t found anyone since then I trust (also shows I’m not exactly savvy picking mechanics). I’ve had two local shops refuse to work on my car because it’s so old (:/...) but admittedly haven’t been searching that hard lately because — again — business hours have long passed since I clocked out.

Conversely, buying another car would be much more expensive than fixing this one... And due to certain recent personal-life developments, my dream of my first ever “nice” car no longer feel like their in the cards... I need a real daily driver. The pickup is absolutely not a daily driver, unless I want to start throwing money at it instead (I don’t!).


Well anyway. Just been a bit down lately. But I kept it car-related! I legitimately love the shoebox and don’t want to get rid of it, but I’m at a crossroads. Or really, I’m in purgatory. I don’t want to throw money I don’t really have into a fire, but turning around and buying a $7k T100, or a 13k E91 is not an option at the moment.