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I'm a big fan of Jay Leno's Garage, but....

I've got some issues with this video, especially "Mr. Tig" and a few of his explanations.

Thoughts about this vid:

1) that fire resistant sleeve is bad ass, I kind of want one.

2) 99.9% of the time when someone says "______ is the Facebook of______" that person is clueless about the interwebs. Facebook is the Facebook of Facebook. Weld.com is a forum. A cluttered and poorly layed out forum at that.


3) more woman are getting into welding(more men are too, but I digress). But to say that it's because tig welding is clean and precise, and "they" tend to be precise smacks of old fogey sexism. There are woman that can flat out weld in any process.

3) just because tig welding is precise DOES NOT make it necessarily stronger(nor are tig welds necessarily small). So many things factor into strength. For him to say that little welded sample he held up was stronger than a half inch fillet was flat out absurd.

And on a side note, I've got an issue with the cats that just wanna learn how to weld so they can create art. I might have a brilliant concept for a painting, but I'm terrible with a brush. I'm not gonna insult real painters by picking up just enough knowledge to make a colorful mess on a canvas. But that's exactly what so many of these wanna be art-weldors do. It's one of the things that pushed me into creating art. I would walk through the DIA and see these metal pieces exhibited that featured terrible welds. Bad enough that, for me, they took away from that impact of the piece. If the desire to create art inspires a kid to weld, that's cool. But take the welding seriously, to do it well takes more than good intentions.

I was stoked to see welding featured again on Jay's show, but pretty disappointed in the vid.


I take my art and my welding very seriously lol


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