To beat your enemy, you must become him - thus the Ferrari 488 GTB influence in this Ford GT lookalike.

I did some grinding and sold off a few cars, including my Progen T20, to buy the Vapid FMJ that debuted early last week in the “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” update for GTA Online - more pics after the jump. I’m also the unhappy CEO and sole proprietor of a wholesaling outfit.

Since the stock FMJ lacks any turbo spooling, BOV noises or anything of that sort that you’d get from the Ford GT (and the Ferrari 488 GTB, for that matter), I added some of those noises in with the Turbo Tuning. I added the Race Brakes as well. The FMJ is prone to spinning out, and it lights up the rear tires from a stop; on top of that, it doesn’t have quite as much mid-range punch in stock form as some of the other Supercars do. All of that said, I love the way that the FMJ drives overall.

The front of the FMJ is derived from the Aston Martin Vulcan, while the rear is derived from the Ferrari 488 GTB. There are some other differences between the Vapid FMJ and Ford GT aside from how other cars were blended into the FMJ - the rear spoiler is fixed rather than being active aero (which is a letdown IMO), and the FMJ’s doors are regular ones rather than mimicking the GT’s butterfly doors. I love the way that the FMJ looks overall, especially the flying buttresses and the giant gaps underneath them. The unique interior is cool, too.

Here are some more pics that I took of the FMJ. I apologize for how absurdly dark they are - I use different monitor settings when I’m gaming, so the pictures that I take look brighter to me than they actually are when I retrieve them from the Rockstar Social Club. Painting the FMJ white or silver or something probably would have gone better with the “evening photo shoot” motif that I was aiming for, but I wanted the FMJ to be blue even if it isn’t particularly close to Liquid Blue. Switching my monitor to its sRGB mode or something would also help, LOL.



I do wish that the 488 GTB taillights were the brake lights, rather than the FMJ’s actual brake lights between the 488 lights and the exhaust tips.


My personal favorite of the crummy shots that I took.
Dat lens flare tho.


The Vulcan influence is in the front.

I didn’t like the Vulcan front end at first, but it didn’t take long for it to grow on me. The wheels are nice, too.


Regarding the CEO bit - I bought the Maze Bank space and a warehouse and did a few CEO missions, and I’m not entirely sure it was worth over $1.3M in GTA$. I’m not keen on the PvP griefing and such that goes on in Public sessions to start with, so dealing with the business has been annoying. One player laid down proximity/sticky bombs near my warehouse as I was bringing back a Gruppe van with a couple of crates in it - the van held up fine, and I shot the guy dead when he tried shooting at me. There was also the time I lost an entire shipment of three crates because a couple of players in another organization were hassling me with their Titan planes. They were buzzing me as I traveled back in a slower van loaded with the crates, and I lost control of the van at one point; after that, one of them was able to crash their plane near me and cause the van to blow up.

I do like some of the perks. It’s nice to be able to retrieve any of my personal vehicles from any of my garages without having to wait, like I have to for the mechanic. I also like being able to basically rent certain vehicles, like the Turreted Limo, from the Quick Interaction Menu without having to buy said vehicles first. The VIP work is somewhat interesting, but it seems like there’s still a cooldown period for CEOs in Invite-Only sessions. Additionally, it’s still PvP stuff - only one VIP mission can be going on in a session at a time.


I guess that it’s better to have the business and not need it than it would be to need it and not have it, but eh. I’d rather stick to my usual PvE grinding.