Of all the trim, that is. What am I looking at, cedar? Poplar?






(I’m done)

I want to do my window casings, baseboards, and maaaaaaaybe even ceilings like that if I’m feeling particularly ambitious.

Anyways, first day as an apprentice tile guy was great. Way more physical than I expected but hey, at least now I know firsthand how godawful mixing up concrete bags is. The guys before us didn’t cover up the radiant floor with a layer of quickrete or whatever, which I guess is a thing that is supposed to happen, so we had an unexpected extra step. Wooooo, learning!


40 minute commute to Arlington kinda blows, but traffic was zero in both directions so it wasn’t sooooo bad. Did I mention how a bangin’ sound system was the best mod I’ve done? Especially when turned up super loud and paired with noise-canceling earbuds?

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